I’m not kind, I’m professional

One thing I reflected around the last days is al those who says thank you and really meen it. Yes it’s nice that people like the service I give them at work. But I don’t do it because of my warm kind heart. My decisions is based on laws, instructions and custom codex. So when I make a positive decision it’s not because I want to help someone it’s for it’s their right and for being granted what’s their right  no one should feel grateful for.

I don’t want a society where people are greatful to the public servants. I don’t want a society where the citizen want to show their thankfulness with flowers, candy or what’s so ever. First of al because the idea of gift to the public employee is a proof of a corrupt state. I dont want anyone to think that I make me decision on brides and gift. I want a society where everyone pays back to the common good. Both by using their rights but also fullfill their duties.

But whats those duties and above I mentioned custom codex how can I make sure that I read that on a good way? Well here I use to think on John Rawls justice as fairness. I will give you to simple examples on this philosophical approach.
– It’s not fair that everyone get a wheelchair independent if they can walk or not. But it is fair to give a disable person who can’t walk a wheelchair.
– Its fair to give an long time unemployed an internship so they can get a new reference. But it’s unfair to give everyone an internship just because they want one.

I think that the majority of the people would agree on the examples above. And if we use this question is it fair and would the majority of people think so we would find a good framework for what’s justificated and what’s our duty in the daily life.

So next time you will make a decision about what to do ask is it fair that I do it and would the majority agree? If the answer is yes to both you makes some good. By acting like this you would quickly understand that there is no need to be thankful to the public servant and that you don’t just have rights, those are always reflected by a duty.


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