If you ain’t digital what happened?

Being at least to some degree digital is today a most if you live in Sweden. But what happened if not?

When I work at the front office at my work I almost every day meet people who have non or extrem low connection to the digital world. Some of them because they have made an active choice to be analog in a digital world. It makes it harder but is a choice they made with open eyes.

But most of them is analog because a lack of basic digital skills or poverty stopping them from having an smartphone, tablet or computer. For this group of people and it’s more people then you think the life gets hard. So much service today is digital and demand that you are use to use internet, mobile bank-ID or mail that the life without access to the digital technics becomes a life in alienation.

You will not only need to ask for help with a lot of things during daytime for things others makes when they get some times over. It will also probably make you poorer then needed, financial and about spare time. On top of this you will loose your dignity.

So what to do? How far will the service go from the administration in the future when we see the digital and analog world melt in to one? What responsibilities have the public to provide analog service and in what form? This is what I think about while I take a coffe after work spent in the interface between the digital authority and analog citizens. What are your reflections?

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