Best Western Plus Time Hotel

As I wrote for some time ago I made a statusmatch between Nordic Choice and Best Western. So today I decided to try a Best Western Hotel in Stockholm and found Time hotel close to the office.

Check in

The check in was smooth and easy and I was asked if I preferb a food voucher or 500 points, where I choice the later. The lobby is a combined lobby, waiting area and bar but their was never any disturbing noice and I just loved their lamp.


Geting a room with two singel beds is maybe not my absolut favorite, but at least they are a little broader single beds and very comfortable. And as you can see the are following the red theme that I think was some kind of signature for the hotel or at least for the room.

Sitting area

Once again we find the red color and I love it. Im not sure if its the purpose or not but a red sammet look a like divan makes me think of some roman orgie or at least orgie. To bad my husband aint here.


Not the biggest one but it works well and with a heaten floor Im happy. I also liked that they stil had this small bottle of shampoo and body lotion. Its not such a regular thing anymore and Im not sure that its the most enviromental friendly package either. But I like it!


The hotel breakfast was nice but traditional. One good thing was that it was not so crowded whenI visited it around 7. I also liked the fruit pyramid that remind me to eat something healthy as well in the morning and not just scrambled egg and bacon.


Time hotel is a nice middle sized hotel around 10 min walk from Odenplan but with buses that stops just outside. The room was nice and the red color made me dreaming about my youth sins. For me the breakfast was good but traditional, nothing that I WOW but not bad either. So Time hotel is well worth a second and third visit.


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