The apple festival

Every year the small municipality of Kivik have a small festival dedicated to the apple. The main attraction is a gigantic picture made of apples. The theme change every year and even if I liked this years it was not one of the best.

But there was a lot of other art installations as well. As this applehumans

or a sad smiley, pear, a G-glef, pear and so on

But for most of us apples aint for art, we love to eat them

Or to make sap of them. And to be honest going on an apple sap testing did give me a new understanding about how much the soil and tree make to the flavor, There was to different saps for example made on the same apple (amora) on the same musteri but was grown just a few kilometers away from each other and taste was totally different.


Of course you could also buy some apple art in china as this magic white or green apples.

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