Thai First BKK-PAR

After our business class flight from Manila we had a ride to the First Class lounge where we was giving a private room and some champagne for my husband.


Before it was time for another buggy ride out to the gate.

The Thai First Class cabin have 12 seats just like ASIANAs and al was occupied on this flight why I decided to not take any cabin pictures. The seats was semi open and didn’t give the same feeling of privacy as ASIANAs.

Amenity kit

I was happy too see that I did get a rimowa amenity kit but the content didn’t make me shine as much as the box it was storage in.


The flight to Paris depart just a few minutes after midnight but there was a full dinner service for us who wanted it.

First let’s look on the wine list


And the menu

I have prebooked the lobster  thermidor for  the main meal and of course that was that I was served. So my dinner looked like this

Crispy oyster mushroom with tomato salsa

Caviar service

King crab in apple and avacado remoulade, salmon roe and iberico ham.

Followed by the lobster thermidor that I prebooked.



After seven hours sleep I wake up and was given some coffe before a great breakfast where I had choice poached egg as main dish.

The end of the journey

After the breakfast I just relaxed with a book before we landed and it was time to take the SAS flight to Copenhagen.

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