Thai business MNL -BKK

Flying business on an intra-Asia flight is usual much better then flying business in Europe. But this flight started bad at the lounge at MNL.

Thai lounge MNL

This was one of the most depressing lounges I ever tried. The seating area was small, grey and dark.

There was some cold drinks as well as a basic bar if you wanted to make your self a drink.

And the food wad not much to write about either. I ended up with some cakes and a cola.

Inflight service

We was flying a pretty old 772 and you could see it on the seats. How ever with just 9 of the 24 seats taken in business it was up for a good service and there was a decent amount of legroom.

I had prebooked the inflight food but it was a while so I have no memory of what I had ordered. They cabin attendant told me but I didn’t get it. Anyway it tasted well and I liked it.


Arrival service

I was connecting to Thai First so I was not to upset about getting an remote position in rain. And there was no reason for it either. Thai had  made sure there was a small van just for us who would transfer to first.

When we arrived to the terminal building there was a golf cart waiting for us telling us the First Class lounge.

I will continue to tell you about our First Class flight with Thai tomorrow.

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