Why pay for the lounge in Tallinn

One of the ideas with a business lounge is that you want to have a calm and relaxed place to rest or get some work done. But if the airport is small it’s not always the best option. The business lounge in Talinn takes an entrance fee of 30 € to get in.

But after made a walk at the airport I think it’s to overcharge. The airport is small and not to stressed or crowed making the need for a lounge small.

Lounge area

Specially when there is good lounge areas for free. One of them with the free library and the other inspired by a cruise ship.

Working area

A working area with very low sound was to be found close by.

Time for a rest

There was eithen some small sleeping cabins for free where you could get a rest and charge your mobile or computer.

Take your kids to the play area

Those who know me also know that I’m not the biggest fan of children. But by having a play area at the airport makes me know where they are so I don’t need to run in to them. And this play area looked good.


To be honest, with different lounge areas, working stations and small cabins to sleep in for free there is no reason to buy 30 € for a lounge access. The lounge food ain’t so good and you can use those money or less to eat in some of the restaurants.


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