Suite 359

Being back at Clarion Östersund I was greated by first name and told that the key was prepared for me. This time I got a smaller but still nice suite on the suitelevel.

Living room

The living room was light through the big windows where there also was cosy bench where I could sit and lissen at the rain.

On top of that their was a sofa, table and extra chair to sit in while I watched some tv.



The bedroom was more or less covered by the gigantic bed that we have seen before. But it had a second tv on one of the walls.


The bathroom is a standard bathroom and not much to say about it. The heated floor is. Ice as always.

Video review

Im trying to learn how to make content in other forms then text and pictures so I also made a video over the suite.


Suite 359 is of standard size for being on this hotel. However it have evening sun and are relay light because of the big windows.

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