Lufthansa Senator Lounge JFK

One good part of being a frequent traveler is that you get access to lounges at the airport. When you travel for work its good to make some Skype meetings or checking your mail. But when you arena vacation its maybe more interesting to get some food and make some plane spotting. Thankfully the Lufthansa lounge at JFK Airport in New York give you possibly to both. There was a decent selection of food and sweets

For those who wanted something stronger there was a manned bar as well

The sitting areas was either in front of some tv or closets the large windows with a view over one of the runways.

Of course I choice a window seat while I hade some snacks

And spent my time there with some plane spotting.


As a summary I would say that the Lufthansa Senator Lounge at JFK is an more then ok lounge. The wifi did work well, there was soup and some hot dishes as well as cakes and sweets. So it do fill it functions. I didn’t try their shower but some that the was in good shape as the us to be when its Lufthansa lounges.

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