Senator lounge FRA


While we waited for our flight to Seoul we made a visit to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. Its a combined Star Gold and First Ckass lounge.

To eat and drink

The lounge had a decent selection of warm food as well as dessert. There was also a small table for candy if you needed more sweets.

When it came to drink the selection was great with wine, beer alcoholic and non-alcoholic, soda and Swedish cider.


One of mine own way to decide if the lounge is good or not is to borrow the shower room. Here at the Senator lounge in Frankfurt the room was clean and nice. But not the best I tried in a Senator lounge. Those in Munich is better in my humble opinion.

Sitting areas

The Senator lounge is divided in to different parts. My favorite was the lounge part that looked really nice and had a bar as well.

But of course you could choice the cafeteria or working areas as well. What ever suited your needs.


The Senator lounge in Frankfurt is a nice place to wait for your next flight. It’s light, will give you something to eat and you can refresh your self. So don’t hesitate to make a visit next time you pass by.

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