Kölner Dom

Visiting churches is a great way to understand the social life and history of a society. They are many times amazing beautiful buildings as well and I can many times feel both the oppression and broken bodys from the workers as their joy when the finicky put the last stone on its place. Kölner Dom is a massive gothic catherdral in the central of Köln and is dedicated to St. Peter. The first founding stone was laid in 1248 and the church was not finish before 1880, 632 years after they started. Thats what I call a building project, but the result is amazing and well worth a visit.

The last last window you see above is maid by Gerhard Richter as late as 2007.

The Catholic Church do have problem in modern days with its almost institutionalized pedophilia and sexual harassment on top of an antic view of LGBT questions and equality between sexes. However it does honor Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki that he made the church standing in darkness as a protest against a Pegida meeting in 2015.


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