Haga Sophia Museum

Visiting Istanbul it’s hard to not get cultural! One of our destination for to day was Haga Sophia Museum. An almost 1500 year old building, built on top of much older temple. The place where it was built was a place for worship eithen in the antics.

So walking around there made me think about how small and unimportant my life is in a broader context. If you haven’t been there yet, try to find time and some money to get there. It’s an amazing history lesson.


On picture number 7 from the top you can see there is a difference between where the middle window and the door is directed. The reason is easy to understand when you know the history. The window was made during Christian time when the building was used as a church. So it follow the Christian tradition and face east. The door is made during Islamic time when the building was a mosque and is by their tradition face Mecca. It’s 9° in difference.

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