Visiting the DMZ is a most if you visit Seoul. Both of historical and political reason. How ever you should be aware that the South Korea is using the trip to send out propaganda. The grey objective truth is not considered important. Here the South are al heroes and the North always evil.

Imjingak Park

But let us check wats nice and not. Our tours first stop was the Imjingak park and the bridge of freedom. It’s located around one hour from Seoul. The coolest thing here was the old steam train and the Bridge of freedom.

The third infiltration tunnel

The third infiltration tunnel can sound cool. But by some reason it’s forbidden to take photo in it. And it’s actually not much to see. You walk bended for 200 meters to look on a wall with a hole where you can see another wall more or less. But the surrounding was nice. But I don’t recommend a walk in too the forest because of the mines.

Dora Observatory

This was actually the highlight of the tour with great views in to North Korea and no propaganda. 

Dorasan station

Is a huge train station that never have been used symbolicaling the reunification of the train network. The hope is that a reunited Korean Rail would shorting the logistical time to Europe.


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