Clarion Copenhagen Airport


It’s time for my main vacation for 2019 that will take me to Seoul and Manila. How ever my first destination was Clarion at Copenhagen Airport. Mostly because my flight to Frankfurt where I will spend the day tomorrow will depart at 0705. So our idea is to check in our luggage al ready to night and then walk straight to the security tomorrow morning.

Clarion Copenhagen Airport room 1130

I have stayed at this hotel before and always been upgraded to a luxury room. This time I asked for a room with a view of the runway and was given luxury room 1130.

As al luxury room it has a sitting area

A really nice bed for me and my husband

A work desk if we would need to work

And a great bathroom with both tube and shower

The view

As I mentioned I wanted a room with a runway view and I was happy to see that room 1130 did have a great view so I could take some airplane shots


Clarion is one of Scandinavia’s best hotel chains and delivered a high quality experience once again. I think the best way to show it is with this short movie


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