Two castles

Visiting a friend in Germany We decided to go for a country tour side and look on two castles.

Agustusburg Palace

Is a super nice big castle built in 1725 over the ruins of an ancient fortress.


It also have a lovely garden.

Falkenlust castle


This is a lovely small castle or more of a big hunting house. It’s located around three kilometers away from Augustusburg. However the missed some important things when it comes into tourism. The don’t accept cards but want 7 euro to let you in and on top of that you are not allowed to take photo. On the question why the answer was

1. It’s forbidden

2. We have postcards

I don’t want to be rude but that was the most shitty reason for a stupid rule I heard for a long time. However stupid rules are to get broken so as sone as the guard looked away I was taking some photo.

So if you are in Brühl make a visit to Augustusburg but skip Falkenlust

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