Baegundae Peak

It al started with a wish to see a little more nature. So we went to the Bukhansan National Park that is reachable with Seoul subway. There we had the idea to make a stroll for one or two hours enjoying the nature. But the ranger we asked for a good route pointed out Baegundae peak as a nice walk. And yes it did start well


There was just one small problem, every step was a step up…

And the higher it got the more rocky it got.


At this time our leg started to hurt and we wondered what the ranger actually talked us into.

Almost up at the peak we found a small section of the Seoul wall. It was a perfect place to rest and we also had a small chat with some other tourists.

The last part up to the peak was pure mountain and was partly tough.


When we finally reached the peak at 836 meter the view was amazing.


If we had knew that we would walk up to 836 meter on a route considered medium to advance I’m sure we would have thought twice. But it was worth it!!! A tips if you are thinking on make the hike your self. Don’t walk in gymnastic shoes as we did, take some gloves and a lot of water with you. When we walked it was 25 degree at the starting point and 21 on the top and we consumed about 1,5 liter of water.


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