Not everyone likes to travel and with the flyshame going on in Sweden it would be hard to write this if I didn’t think that I deserved a great vacation and that going with train to Seoul takes to much time.

ASIANA will end their first class service on the 1:st of September so this would be the last chance for me to revisiting the best air service I ever experienced. So let se what the offered.

The Plane and Cabin

The ASIANA Frankfurt-Seoul line is served by an Airbus A380 who have it’s first class at the front of the lower level. The cabin have 12 fully enclosed suites where couple could sit together  in the middle seats. The seats could be fallen down to 180 degree and is really tall. For me who is 192 it was magic to be able to sleep in my full length.

The drinks

I don’t drink alcohol so here I will just show you the wine list. My husband did at least look like he enjoyed both the champagne and the wine.

The dinner

The FRA-ICN bound have two full service meals and starts with a magic dinner.

The first small dish was Shrimps dumpling and Parma ham with grissini

That was followed by the caviar service with a real pearl spon so we wouldnt destroy the caviar taste.

The next dish was a lobster vegetable some with tomato confit.

After the lobster they served me a tomato soup that actually did taste fresh tomato.

After the tomato I did skip the salad, supriced?  And went direct to the main dish.

Where I had choice to go for the lamb rack with risotto. Meat could be hard to get right up in the air. But ASIANA did nail it.

The dinner was ended up with cheese, amaretto mascarpone cake and a cappuccino.

Brunch time

After about 5,5 hours of sleep I wake up just 20 min before the brunch and was immediately asked if I wanted a coffee.

The brunch started with a plate of fruit.

Tight followed by yogurt and cereal


And ended with a piece of Salmon before I took a cappuccino


ASIANA did deliver again. Their service level is so high and I never waited for a minute for anything. On top of that the seats gets in to really good and long beds making me wake up with a smile. So if you can, try ASIANA first class before it disappear.


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