Some times I give my self the luxury to ask why do I work as an public aervant. It’s not the most well paid job, if you are a grass root bureaucrat not al citizens love what you or the authority have made for decisions, you will be in constant fire from the politicians. But even if our mission givers dislike us because we don’t reach their political goals and some of the public hate us for what we do we goes to work every day. Why?

The answer could be found in the philosophy. I use to say that I find my motivation in a strong belief in my utilitarian etics of duty. With this I want to say that I believe that my duty as a civil servant is to make as good as possible for so many as possible by using the power given to me by the law that I follow.

So when I meet someone it’s not about who they are it’s about how I by using the legal frameworks can help them to empower them self’. And to see the smile of someone who you helped is a big reward and I know that we do help a lot of people and are thankful for having  a society who creates law to help those in needs and not punish them for being poor. So my utilitarian etics of duty makes me believe in the system and makes me feel like my job have a lot of sense.


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