Will Brexit ever happend? I hope not

Al my UK friends are against Brexit, maybe because most of them are expats living in Sweden. But today I was working in the reception and an Romanian guys comes in. He tells me that he hava a good job in UK but now want to move to Sweden because of the Brexit. Yes I do think that a hard Brexit would harm the EU-citizen. But was worth is that I also think that the hard Brexiters want the hard Brexit because the are afraid for the other, They really still belive that the Uk is the empire where the sun never goes down and that its runned by white English males.

And when people starts to get afraid the start to hate. They start to divide the humanity in them and us, not just us. They start to think that they are superior to the others. In my word book that is defined as racism. However I don’t think that around 50 percent of the British is racist. They are not, but to many of them have such a low trust to the future that they starts to dream back to a society where women stayed in the kitchen while the men get drunk and made a fist fight at the pub and everyone looked the same, spoke on the same way and believed that the earth was flat. But there is a solution, stop to petty your self, start to love your young one, embrace the diversity and understand that the world don’t hate you even if the sun goes down over you non-existing empire. Stop hate those women who actually refuse to stay in the kitchen, stop hate those guys who are smart enough to not drink and geting in to stupid fight, stop hate those who are different from your self. I promise they aint dangerous. Stop hate your European siblings, we want hurt you we want to build a better society together,

So skip the hate, withdraw article 50 and get back to the European family where you belong. Because for the moment you are making a fool of your self. You are like the little brother who 1 can’t decide what h want and 2 think that the world will do as he want as long as he scream high enough. How ever that’s not how democracy works. But when even the EU parlament seems like an effective parlament compared to the British parlament you most understand that you need to reinvent democracy. Because the world knows that your democracy don’t work any more,

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