The grassroot bureaucrat a fighter for democracy

Working for an state authority we always follow the law even if we as private persons dislike the politics. For me it’s obvious and nothing to think about. But from time to time I meet citizens who ask why we don’t revolt, why we don’t refuse to implement the laws when we see that people could get negative consequences of it or why we don’t sabotage laws, budgets and orders that damage our institution. The simple answer is that we as public servants believes in the democracy and law of order.

We can’t have public servants who create their own laws, their own vision and their own goals. As bureaucrats we are skilled to serve our government and by that also our fellow citizens. It’s not up to us to decide what the public will is, we should make that will become reality. Doing so professional strength the democracy, the people could se that the promise given by the politicians becomes a part of their daily life. Yes al citizens will nowt benefit by al the laws. But it’s not for me to decide. As long as the law follows the constitution and the international bill of human rights I will deliver on it.

How ever most of the laws are framework laws putting up a framework and grids for what I can and can’t do. Some of them are narrow giving me a small space to act on. While others are giving me more space to act at. And here I think the second part of the action by public servants comes in. Our will to make good! We don’t want to hurt people, we want to see people grow, to achieve bigger freedom and better life quality. I would say that almost every bureaucrat I meet have a passion to make others life better, to make good.

So to make a conclusion, civil servants don’t make the laws, they implement and follow them. They do so because they think that democracy is a fantastic system for our society and defend it by their daily work.  They also want to make good. To see that the create justice, fairness, better life quality, increasing the self empowerment among their fellows.

I would say that al public servants I ever spoken with have an utilitarian etics of rights. We want to making as good as possible for as many as possible by acting according to the law. We do use the space given to us in the framework laws to make the best for you as a citizen. But we don’t break the law so you would get something you don’t have the right to. Because doing so would be a breach against the contract our society is based on.

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