Tax for wellfare

I actually don’t love to pay tax. But it’s a price I’m more then willing to pay to live in a society where everyone will get the support they need.

As in this morning, my dad called my around 6:30 and in the background I heard there was voices and understood that something was wrong. So I went down to my car and went over to my parents house.

There I discovered that my mum was in pain and couldn’t move. So we called 112 for an ambulance that showed up shortly.

Female doctor

At the hospital we just needed to wait for about an quarter before a doctor came in and made her check. It was just a very painful lumbago so its more pain then serious. But they will keep my mum for some days, givning her painkiller and some gymnastik to get ger fit again.

IV pole

Neither the ambulance or the doctor asked one question about insurance or payment. There is small fee for the ambulance and care. But here is the good thing, most of it its tax paid and if you are realy poor it will cost you nothing. But it want effect the care. Because the doctors focus is to get you well and they dont care about the payment or if you have an insurance. They know that you are covered by the wellfare and will pay the symbolic fee if you can. And if you cant the society take al the cost. Its unintresting for the medical staff.

And for this I’m willing to pay my taxes. To make sure that everyone will get the same medical treatment, opportunity to higher education and that nobody will be forced to live as homeless.

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