The invisible enemy should not exist

Malmö have large IRAQ diaspora which maybe aint surprising if we think of its violent modern history. But its also an old cultural culture that was unlucky to have a lot of oil in the soil. Oil that the presidency of USA couldn’t resist. So their solution was to start an unlawful war against IRAQ blaming him for having chemical weapons that was nowhere to be found.

Instead of preventing a crime against international law the USA created one of the largest robbery in modern time. The unlawful attack opened of for a plunder of the IRAQ museums making cultural treasury disappear or geting destroyed.

The result is that the world to day is less rich and IRAQ is still a country that is lead by an undemocratic government.

However the IRAQ artist Michael Rakowitz have made fantastic job in recreating some of the tresasury that got stolen or destroyed by using packaging of Middle-Eastern foodstuffs. By this way he connect yesterday with today and recreate treasuries out of garbage. If you want to see more, get your self to Malmö Konsthall.


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