The first Pride was a riot

This weekend it’s Copenhagen Pride. We will eat, drink, dance and having a fun time sponsored by multinational corporations.

For people in my generation it’s how ever important to remember that the first Pride was a riot 50 year ago. Then the police didn’t blow bubble blowers on out brother and sisters as the Malmö Police made during Malmö Pride for some weeks ago.

Then it was tear gas and batons against the people who defended their civil rights. Then the right to love was a privilege to the mainstream straight society. To day we embrace our self for our acceptens of the other.

But I didn’t ask to be accepted or assimilated to a pale copy of the straights. I demand the right to get integrated as an equal on my own condition. I don’t want to destroy my culture of leather and drags, I defend the right to quick anonymous sex and I don’t see why I should need a baby to project my own failed dreams. I want those dream to be mine and fulfilled.

So I just ask, where is all the rebel’s who by being them defend the open society. The need to adopt to the mainstream society have taken away the civil daily diversity make our society poorer.

I don’t demand a new revolution, but I do demand that we create a society where it’s not the white straight middle class family who is the norm we are comparing everything against. Because I know that it was poor people of color who refuse to adopt to the straight society who made my world as white middle class gay man so much easier and I salute and honor them.


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