Im not Jante

A good friend of mine and I us to disagree about Jantelagen. So let me share my opinion, the only thing Jantelagen do is to stop you from being your best you. Its so simple!

Don’t get it? Here is why

  • Jante says that you should not think you are better than anyone else. But if you don’t think that about your self who would? Who would tell you that you are magic, handsome, smart and lovely if not you.
  • Jante makes your life grey. By saying that you should adopt to the big grey mass it stops you from shine. You can’t where al the bling bling you want because someone can get upset, you can only live out your fetish in the wardrobe and that’s a sad place to be, you can’t  fight the gender role because people will dislike it and so on…
  • Jante stops you from develop. If you can’t believe that you are better than everyone else, if you adopt your life after what others may think then you kill your dreams. And if your dreams are dead you don’t struggle to live them more so you want develop as a human.

So that’s why you should stop to obey Jantelagen and instead go for your own destiny!

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