The freedom of speech

The right to raise our voice and tell our opinion is a luxury most Swedes takes for granted. Its a fundamental part of a well working democracy and a natural part of human rights. We find it both in the declaration of human rights as well as the International Convention of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The Socialdemocrats and the liberals was once fighting a undemocratic and monarchy loving right who thought that the right to vote, speak and decide in the common business was just for the rich minority. Thankfully the democracy won and the freedom of speech become a fact.

However the conservative have never stopped dreaming about a society of we the rich and powerful and them, the poor and desperat. They may not say it in public but when the join forces with the extrem populistic right it becomes clear that the consider democracy as a parentes in the human history.

Citation of Mahata Gandi

There is actually no other way to see it when we how the ban what the call “abnormal menstrual art” in Sölvesborg or demand that art piece should be removed from the plenium in the city hall as they did in  Järfälla. Its my absolute belief that a free cultural and art life is the ultimate proof that a society raise the freedom of speech to the skys as a part of its interest to defend the democracy.

Citation byMalala Yousfzai

And when the national cultural spoke persons of the two traditional conservative parties refuse to condemn their local parti members we now that they actually think its good with a little less democracy and a more restricted freedom of speech. That we know that banning culture and restrict the freedom of speech is just the first step towards dictatorship don’t stop them.

Citation of Nelson Mandela

SDo its time for us to become brave, to over win our fairness and reject al kind of limitation in the freedom of speech that’s aint necessary to protect the democracy and the human rights.



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