Automation aint obscene

In the tribut song Joe Hills ashes they sing about how’s the envelope with Joe Hills ashes was stopping the post sorting machine. However I disagree with the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) at that time and support the idea about automation. Mostly because it makes ordinary peoples life better not worse. Im happy that the factories who broke down the people their is long time gone and those who is still here is highly automatized.

For me the question is how the ordinary people should gain on the automation. If al the profit made by it goes to an international super rich overclass while the new jobs is ever less paid or keep the employees in a precariat something is wrong.

I use to call me a champagne socialist, I love the good life, living a middle class life and don’t need to think much about my daily life. The rent is paid, there is always food and I can make some weekends a year. But I do think that its my place in the labor market that makes al this possible. Im grateful that I live in a country where I could get a university education for free making it possible to a great life. But I want those who earn their living by hard manual work to have the same possibility to a good life as I have. It shouldn’t be my right it should be everyones right to sleep well not needing to worry about the rent and food.

And this is possible if we automate more, if we take away the most heavy and dangerus works and replace them by robots. It is possible if we make sure that no kid of today grow up as an digital analfabet. Because if we get everyone with us in the digital journey we can automate more making sure that less people is hurt or die at work.

Last year almost one person a week died at work accident, if we by automation can just safe one life its worth it. Automation and obscene, its a life safer and can contribute to a more fair society. The environment above is terrible and not a workplace that should exist in the twenty-first century.

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