Sex is political

Who we like to have sex with, what kind of sex we like and where we want to have sex is political.

To many conservatives tries to hide their bigotry behind a false curtain saying I care so much about you that I want to help you finding God. You just need to become a little less fantastic and a little less you to be accepted.

But to be honest I can’t care less what this fake prophet is calling for. Because I know that God created us al alike and love those who love his next more then those who just love pale copies of them self.

Thats also why I mostly like Tom of Finland’s work from 1985 and forward. It’s during this era he start to draw non-white as well, inviting them in to the leather gay scene. And as most of you know I’m week for non Scandinavian so for me the diversity in the gay community is important political and personal.


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