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Some days ago I wrote about Gilbert and George, the amazing Brittish art duo. I also gave a brief descibtion about why they was conservative and succesful. They walked up on the class stair by adopting to the middle class and  work hard to impress. At the same time  the keeped true to them self. I think the most importent lessons of their Life is that the shoe the importance to get an education and be your self.

The importance of education

Gilbert and George was good enough to get a stipendiun that made it possible to study independent of their working class background. And there class background is important. If I look on my self and the best hard working people I know we all have the working class background and the will to make a class travel. And just as Gilbert and George we know that neither we or our family have the network and contacts that will make it easy for us. So we do what we learned by our parents, we work hard and dedicated to reach our goals, a degree and a better life then our parent was able to get.

Why? Because we know by experience what poverty feels like and we hate the need daily struggle it means. That’s why I always try to get at least some new academic credits every year.

The need to be true to your self

In the begining of Sennetts book The corrosion of character he describe how he meets an unemployed manager on a flight. The man tell him how he moved around the US to make the company happy, how he made his marriage go down because of the workload and now found him layed off without family or friends.

What the ex-manager had let happend was that he thought material welfare and the carreer being more important to him then his inner needs. If we compare this person with Gilbert and George we can see a difference. Both have a degree and a carreer but while Gilbert and George never sold them self the manager had it more then one time in his life.

So eithen if I work hard I always stay faithful to my value and who I am. For me that is to promote champagne socialism and more kinks in life.

The recipe of success

Im sure the Gilbert and George are both more happy but also end up with a higher material status. Why because the did get a degree, they worked hard and never compromiced with their inner self. And its this holy trinity that will give you a carreer.

If you skip one of those three parts you will fail and the fault is yours only. So work hard, don’t become a sell out and enjoy your darker side.


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