St Jakob Stenugnsbageri Skvadrongatan

A new saturday and a new café. Today we tried St Jakob Stenugnsbageri at Skvadrongatan. The cafe is a little steril but with a friendly staff.

Coffe bar

This café dont have a coffe bar in the meaning that you can stand their and take a quick Espresso. Instead the bar show their lovely cakes while you order and pay. Your coffe and cakes will be served at the table after you seated your self.

Seating area

The seating area is in one big room with large windows that makes the light get in. There is a little of school cafeteria over it and it could have been much more cosy if the changed the furnitures.


St Jakob stenugnsbageri is perfect if you like tasty buns and want your coffe served at your table of a warmhearted maid. However eithen if the seating area is light the furnitures dont want me to get back. It could have been so much nicer if they changed the tables and chairs.




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