The regiment’s day P7

When I grow up Scania had 5 army regiments and one air wing. Today there is just one regiment left. The 7 pansar regiment at Revingehed. So with them having an open house I decided to watch it out.

The old one

It started with not antic but at least old military vehicle.



Followed by an MC show from the FMCK (Volontary Motorbike Club) that is an part of the volontary defence.

The Airforce

After a short break the Air Force in form of Blekinge wing F17 gave us an air show with an JAS 39 Gripen. As an performer airman I was in heaven.

However it was hard to get a good photo of the plan eithen if I had a zoom on the camera. But I almost get a hard on when I hear a military jet passing by.

The battle

The last part was a battle show from the host regiment P7. 



Im an old airman and my heart belong to the Air Force. But after seeing this great show at Revinge I know I cal sleep safe knowing that the defense is watching over me.


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