Food and chocolate studio, pastery by Joel Lindqvist

Saturday and as the child I am, I want some sweets to celebrate the weekend. So I headed to the food and chocolate Studio where we found chocolate and pasteries by Joel Lindqvist at Amiralsgatan in Malmö.


This cafeteria and pastery shop is a strange mix of industrial and rural design. The best part of it (sadly I didn’t catch a photo of it) is that almost al customer is sitting around one big table making it easy to start a chat with your unknown neighbor. With just a few seat facing the big window and the street for those who want to be able to speak for them self.

Coffe and pastery

When I got there my intention was to get some warm chocolate but they didn’t had time to make some. Instead I ordered a cup or ordinary coffe and a raspberry/cherry pastery. And I didn’t get disappointed. It was such a good combination and the pastery was sweet but still had this natural flavor of the berries in it. I realy loved it. The coffe was good but the sweet coffe cups could have been a little bigger.

The chocolate

After the nice pastery I also decide to buy some chocolate and wow it most have been good for my husband took al six praline before I could have a change to taste one. But at least the looked yummy.


This was a nice place, a lot of customer who came shows the popularity of the place. The coffe was ok, the pastery was good and my husband loved the chocolate. So next time I need some sweets I know where to go.

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