Östra Kaffebaren

Its saturday and time to try out a new coffe shop. Today I decided to try Östra Kaffebaren at Värnhem. Its an area Im not Visiting so much and it have a old rumor of being a little poor and ruff. But it have changed and now have a healthy population of hipsters. So I was not to surprised to find that Östra Kaffebaren was a hip but at the same time cosy place to visit.

Sitting area

There is just a few seats indoors and the bench from an old school is maybe not the most comfortable seat but it looks nice.

The bar

The lamp in the roof is really well made and enlights the red bar on a natural way. There is also some nice paintings on the walls that I think is for  sale.

Outdoor service

If it’s sunny you can take a seat on a bench or some of the stools outside. It a great place to get some sun but the view ain’t the greatest.



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