Im happy, he made it

My husband is making his master at BTH but had some problem to get his bachelor essay accepted. In worse case he would not been aloud to continue his study. But today we got the great news that he passed. Im so happy for him, al his work have payed off.

He have just been in Sweden for seven years and already got an exam from a swedish university with al courses in swedish. Im so proud of him.

One thought on “Im happy, he made it

  • October 8, 2018 at 1:31 pm

    Vad härligt att det gick bra! 🙂

    Grattis till honom!

    Sv: Jag är inte speciellt orolig för att bli anmäld för förtal – för det är viktigare att hålla vad man lovar!

    Vill de starta en process mot mig får de gärna göra det!


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