The good life

For may people the good life is symbolized by champagne, RollsRoyce and private jets. And yes I would not say no to the RR och a private jet abstaining the champagne to people who drink it. But is this really the good life? For me there is two things that beat everything.

The first thing is being loved and maybe more important being able to love. I know that even if my husband call me for a diva when we discuss clothes and travel I know that he loves me. Its his love that makes me smile every morning, its his shoulder that I rest my head against a calm Friday night and its his voice I want to hear every day. But I also love to make him smile, to know that he laugh because he think Im funny and that he feel secure because new two are one.

The second thing that is absolutely important for me is books. I love to read, it could be an action thriller or a fact-book it docent matter. Books even gives me the opportunity to escape a harsh world or to more skilled, more enlighten and maybe most of al more of a human if I read. Facts and fiction is working together making our personality develope and finding peace. There is no way that I would be the man I am if I didn’t have books. Some books I read just because I want and other is necessary for completing my never ending studies at a university.

So the good life could be transfered to self love and confidence while doing good. Self loved is coming by the feeling of Im great, Im important for someone and I can make this person smile. Confidence comes from the knowledge that I have skills and knowledge to be a citizen. Not only as having a passport but in the more meaning they put in it in the antic Athen. As a man who could be a part of those who take part in the polis, who have enough time to make efforts in to the public field of the society.

Because I know that my land is your land and your land is mine land. And I want the land we share to be a land of love and respect while being runned be enlighted citizens. So make sure you get a good life today by doing something great for some one else.


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