Hiting the forest in the hunt for a sponge

Today I and two friends went to Sjöbo Ora in our hunt for the perfect sponge. Its just a 45 min driving from Malmö so its not to far but still so far that its a half day trip.

We was lucky geting a wonderful nature to walk in

Trail in forrest

And of course we did find sponges. Some we new was eatable

Karl Johan Sponge

Some we didn’t know anything about and left to be on the safe side

Unknown mushroom

And some we knew was poison and would have made us act like berserks before we died.

Red-white fly mushroom

We also found a lot of rowan-berry to make jam of.

rowan-berry tree

And some blackberry to eat right there.


After our fantastic walk in the forrest we decide to reward us with a visit to Sjöbo Kaffestuga.

Sjöbo Kaffestuga

And try out their cake buffet. Its such a good thing for a sweet lover like me.

bunds and lamp cakes

We decided to sit outside and enjoy the great weather.

Cakes and coffee in good weather


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