Broken Mac?

Our Mac Pro is from 2010 so it’s more then old. However it have been a great friend and still have enough power for the Office so we are happy with it and have a PC for more power demandic programs. So when I got a sms from my husband that he couldn’t get into it I thought it was time to send it to the computer heaven. But with some important paper on it I gave it a try… And it returned to life with help of Apple Support and some time to reinstall the operating system.

To see the happy face of my husband when he could reach his rapport for tomorrow was worth al the trouble. And now he promised me to make backups.

2 thoughts on “Broken Mac?

    • September 11, 2018 at 8:02 am

      Hi Jennifer,
      We was lucky and al I needed to do was to reinstall Sierra. But for a computer dummy it was nerveus when I couldnt pass an update. But for sure Mac are amazing computers.


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