Agge och Bönan

This saturday I tried Agge och Bönan a coffe shop at Kärleksgatan for my saturday coffe. The coffe shop is located in what looks like an old shop that also could have been apartment once in the time. a fun fact for literature lover is that Agge och Bönan is owned by the Swedish author Björn Ranelid and his daughter (in Swedish only)

Coffe bar

When you enter you are welcomed by a colorful desk where you can order your coffe and and a friendly smile that makes hard to not order some sweet as well.

Sitting areas

In the same room as the coffe bar there is some sitting areas that have at least some view out to the street.

There is also two room facing the backdoors with some sofa and chairs.

The idea of sharing up the sitting area in three parts and serving the cake and coffe at the table gives Agge och Bönan an intime and relaxed feeling and perfect for intime or private talk.

The coffe

As I mentioned above the coffe was served at our table. It was maybe not the absolute best coffe ever in my life. But it was not bad either, just ordinary.


Agge och Bönan aint the coffe shop I would visit with a colleague or business partner. But I  dont think thats their main target group either. Instead I would love to take my husband or a great friend here. Sitting in one of the room at the back gossiping and sharing sweet memories without being worried if I gett to toutchy.


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