Gilbert and George my new heroes

The couple

There is these people you really need to admire because of who the are. Its this people who independent of time keep them true and faithful to them self and their idea. Gilbert and George the British collabrative art duo who have lived and worked together since 1967 is such persons.

Yes they are conservatives in every way I can think of, tweed, rojalists, like Tatcher and eat at the same restaurants over and over again. However being a conservative gay couple in the late 1960:s most been a rebellion act of it self. But it was also a way for this two working class kids to get somewhere. They didn’t have the luxury to smoke pot and fuck around, knowing that their parents network would catch them.

Their art

For being a conservative artist they make really progressive art. It’s a lot of dicks and asses but also some kicks against the extrem right and conservative Islam. Just look and admire and if you want to see more of them visit Moderna Mueseet (Museum of Modern Art) in Stockholm before the 12 of may.



I also took some photos with my fisheye objective. They are a little to dark but gives an interesting view to some of the art and also a feeling of the exhibition.


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